she wants to do right, but not right now (labecca) wrote,
she wants to do right, but not right now

wheres waldo?

so i havent written in this thingy since january, or december even-- i'm not sure and havent bothered to check. This past february, i spent a few days in the hospital for an asthma attack, which prompted me to quit smoking, this coming tuesday it will have been 10 weeks since my last cigarette... cold turkey, going strong. I havent cheated once. I have also thrown myself into work... and it finally paid off today (which is the real reason why im writing this) after working for the past ten years in retail (totally wasting my time with college). I am finally at the top of the schedule... i am a store manager... at the downtown silver spring location none the less. Its odd being there, the spot where my store is used to be a gas station, where i bought some of my first packs of cigarettes. Staffing is a pain in the ass, so if anyone has retail sales experience, loves decorating, can work days and doesnt mind a bit of hard labor and housekeeping... stop in and see me. anyways its 2am and i just had a big bowl of pasta... which i already regret... because its bedtime and i dont want to go to sleep with that on my stomach... ive also had a couple of drinks and am extreamly tired.
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