she wants to do right, but not right now (labecca) wrote,
she wants to do right, but not right now

I feel the need....

 To write in this today.  Nothing is going on.  My life is pretty much still the same.  I've had a couple of different jobs since.  I now manage a store selling clothing.  Its pretty cool, but expensive.  And it makes me ill when i have to dress size 0 women who complain about how fat their knees are.   Now that im writing in this I really dont have much to say.  I do like my hair in that picture,  plus i look pretty slim.  That was a very different space in time, It was like 5 years ago, and i think it was taken right after i moved back to bmore after my 3 week stint in arlington.  I was drunk a lot back then.  Blah.  i need to eat.  I was supposed to go to a strip club tonight, but Scott has a kidney stone and its causing him a great deal of pain.  Whats for dinner?  I have a horrible craving for taco bell, all i ate today was a whole grain bagel, and 5 peices of prepacked sushi from tjs that was effing nasty.   My new jacket is pilling a bit and its making me angry.  I was supposed to get my brows done today too but i didnt.  Thats something new and exciting, i've been trying to grow them in, and its pretty hilarious.   I've been a compulsive tweezer for half my life now, and I also like to pull the hairs out when im anxious,  so they grow in all kinds of crazy.   I think im going to give it another day or two.  I feel cromag.  Damn i just realized i was pulling at them right now.  Ugh.    Wow i feel caught up.
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