she wants to do right, but not right now (labecca) wrote,
she wants to do right, but not right now

fuck this shit

fuck this shit, fuck this shit, fuck this shit.  Im writing in this after a million years of not writing in this, and all i want to say is fuck this shit.  I am living alone again after a 7 year lapse of sanity.  There were few good times lots of bad times, and just a lot of hanging out letting life pass me by.  Its such a fucking mess, but i am okay with that... because its my life and im going to make the most of it from this point out.  I need a vacation.  I am drinking alone, I re-read posts from this thing when I lived alone-- drinking alone, and wow.  Its like being 24 all over again. Dating in your 30s is really fucking weird.  I do belive in unicorns and say things like fantastical, romantical, and talk a lot about dinosaurs.  fantastical.  Im whimsical.

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