she wants to do right, but not right now (labecca) wrote,
she wants to do right, but not right now


Lets see since i like to document my drunken moments, thrusday night, bar hopping with cat jason adn judy, drunk... me and judy walk home from the owl bar sometime around 11:30 to her place at 23rd. good times, Friday night i worked, and then saturday scottish and i had off we went to artscape with the people previously mentioned, then all of us sans jason went bar hopping once again... drunk. Today was dull, i went to a meeting at work, tried to find a good strapless bra, which i cant seem to find, nothing can hold these babies up, and came home and ate lots of cheese. My favorite thing about living very close to pikesville is goldbergs bagels on reisterstown rd. I havent eaten there yet, but it makes me smile. FIN end of story.
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