she wants to do right, but not right now (labecca) wrote,
she wants to do right, but not right now


whats new, whats new? Im to the point with one of my dearest friends that i need some time away. I am angry with her for constantly telling me how to live my life. I am tired of dealing with her insecurities, and her need to be the center of it all. It all should blow over in about a week but for now im on a bit of a hiatus.
Last friday night i took cat and judy to the last mike roy show to meet up with drew for the first time in ages and it was very refreshing to see him and others i havent seen in a while. on saturday scott and i went out to an aweful chinese buffett, and then saw napleon dynamite, which we will forever be quoting for the rest of our lives. sunday and monday were nothing special. Tuesday night drew came over with a lady friend and scott and i hosted our first minor dinner party, then we all went out to club chuck and drank the night away. It felt really good to be out with other people for once. new faces are always welcome and refreshing. yesterday i finished 'wicked' it was allright. im not sure if i really liked it all that much, the middle went on forever and the ending was way to breif, and it just may well have ruined the wizard of oz for me, it made me sympathize with the wicked witch, and turned the rest of oz into a melting political pot. Still a good summertime read. Im going to be picking up another book today, im not sure what yet. but off to barnes and nobel i shall go.
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